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Looking to migrate your store from shopify to Woo-commerce? Read our guide


It is a lot easier than you might probably think to move your products, customers, and orders to Woo Commerce. So, do not think of changing eCommerce platforms as a big hurdle that you can not overcome.
Nothing is impossible and there’s a solution to everything and yet there’s of course a solution for this as well. In fact, a hands-off solution is available that ensures worry-free migration. You don’t really need any technical knowledge; just link the two platforms and there you’re good to go!
We’ll show you why Woo Commerce is a great option for your online store and how to effortlessly move from Shopify to Woo Commerce.

Listed below are some reasons why you should switch from Shopify to Woo Commerce:


1.More control over your store

With Woo Commerce, you can completely customize your website. The software is open-source, so you can make changes as much as you want. You can build exactly what you want without any restrictions.

Advantages that Woo Commerce offers you:
Search engine optimization. Woo Commerce allows you to customize every aspect of the SEO strategy, regardless of how technical it may be. It also integrates seamlessly with WordPress, so you can easily publish high-quality content in a consistent manner.
Payment gateway integration. Additionally, Woo Commerce provides easier integration with less well-known, niche payment gateways, which might be necessary for an international store, and Shopify charges additional fees for all third-party gateways.
Backups. In contrast to Shopify, Woo Commerce offers a variety of excellent, free backup options. Woo Commerce also allows you to choose your own hosting provider.

Endless flexibility and customization

One of the biggest benefits of Woo Commerce is its flexibility. Woo Commerce is open-source, which means that anyone can copy, modify, or change the source code however they’d like. Over 300 add-ons are available on the Woo Commerce extension market.
You can design almost any landing page, blog post, or category you want using WordPress’ free block editor, and with Woo Commerce’s E Commerce integration you can create an eCommerce site. You can add elements like text, images, videos, galleries, and columns (to name a few) without having to deal with coding or hiring a developer. There are also endless website themes available.
You can design your site however you like.
flexibility design

Unlimited Variations

Each product has a variety of options available to customers. Combining colors and sizes would result in 28 variations.
When it comes to your products, variations can quickly add up. After all, you want to offer your customers the right product to suit their needs!
Shopify lets you have 100 variations per product. However, with Woo Commerce, you can offer as many product variations as you need.

Access to a close-knit Community

As a Woo Commerce user, you’ve joined an ever-growing community of developers and site owners who meet virtually and in over 400 cities around the globe every year.
Thousands of volunteers contribute zealously to create software that runs the web. There are frequent Contributor days online and in-person where developers and users collaborate to constantly improve Woo Commerce.
There are also fantastic Woo Commerce support forums where you can submit questions and get answers from a variety of people. It doesn’t matter how basic or complex your situation is; someone’s there to help!
Woo Commerce is all about community over competition – everyone wants each other to succeed, so welcome to the Shopify vs.WordPress family.

Ways to migrate to woo commerce from shopify

There are a few ways that you can migrate store data from Shopify to Woo Commerce safely and securely.

1.Manual import/export

Manually migrating your products may seem time-consuming, but it is relatively straightforward and free.
1. Download and export product information from Shopify.
2. Click on Woo Commerce * Products in the WordPress dashboard.
3. Select Import at the top. A CSV importer is available within the app to simplify the process.
4. Click Choose File and select the CSV file that you want to import. Press Next.
5. Woo Commerce will attempt to match the column names of your Shopify CSV file to Woo Commerce product fields automatically. You may need to map some of these by yourself; use the drop down menus to the right of every row.
6. Once the Importer has finished, you can close the window.

In addition, if you would like to import your customer and order information from Shopify, we recommend using either Migrate & Import Shopify to Woo Commerce or Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite.

2.Hire an Expert

You can hire a professional to move your store data for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.
You can filter by country and view expert profiles where you can see samples of their work as well as pricing and experience information. I have developed an extensive database of WooExperts that are all hand-selected, high-quality developers who work with WooCommerce regularly.

3.Use Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart allows you to convert your Shopify store to WooCommerce in just three simple steps. You can even test the migration process with a free Demo Migration. Not only is the migration process easy, but your Shopify store can also run in the background.

4.How to Use Cart2Cart

In just a few steps, you can migrate your data:
1. Provide your current URL and API details. In this case, the Source Cart is Shopify.
2. Install the required Connection Bridge manually or automatically on your WordPress site to connect your target cart
and Woo Commerce.
3. Match the data types you want to move with the corresponding Woo Commerce fields.
It takes about one hour for your migration to complete, depending on the size of your website. It’s that simple.
Worrying about security?
While you want to protect your order and customer data, Cart2Cart works hard to make the migration process as secure as possible. For example, migrations are performed on a separate dedicated server using SSL encryption to ensure your information remains secure.
It is only authorized employees of Cart2Cart who can access your login details, and none of that information is stored after your migration is completed. In addition, they guarantee that your data isn’t disclosed to third parties or used in any other way.

Now thinking about cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of your store and the data you want to be migrated. The starting price is $69.00, which includes migration of up to 1,000 products, 500 customers, and 500 orders. Pricing is dependent on your store’s size.
Upgrades offer any additional functionality you require, such as 301 redirects and blog post migration.

Now Begin the migration process

No matter whether you do it yourself, hire Shopify expert or use Cart2Cart, you can easily transition your Shopify store to Woo Commerce. This is a choice that both your customers and your wallet will enjoy.
Welcome to Woo Commerce if you have already completed the transition! We’re eager to help you grow your online store and provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Still need more help choosing b/w shopify & wordpress Feel free to connect